3 Ways to Meet More Single Tattooed Guys

Everyone has a type, and if you like the 'bad boy,' you might be looking for a single tattooed guy. Tattoos are an excellent way for a person to show their personality or to set themselves apart, so it's never a bad thing when someone has their own designs. Here are three ways to meet more single tattooed guys. 

1. Get Your Own Ink

When it comes to meeting someone with an affinity for a particular hobby, it's a good idea to engage in that hobby yourself. For instance, if you like farmers, learning about agriculture could put you in touch with eligible farmers in your area. Think about going to local tattoo shops to talk with the team, explore different designs, and chat with the artists. You never know, you could meet your future partner while you are getting that awesome new ink. 

2. Head to Concerts

Tattoos are incredibly popular in the music scene since many people get ink dedicated to their favorite bands or songs. Since music celebrates freedom and expression, tattoos are something that mesh with that lifestyle perfectly. 

When you want to meet someone rocking a full sleeve, try going to a rock or punk show. Talk with other audience members, and don't be afraid to visit the merchandise stand to buy a T-shirt or sticker. You can also use the art to inspire your next tattoo. 

3. Explore the Local Art Scene

If you love tattoos, appreciating art might be right up your alley. Consider going to avant-garde art shows or exhibits, since you may meet all kinds of fascinating people. Street art festivals are also great places to meet new people who might love art and tattoos just as much as you do. Find out where art shows are in your area and set an appointment to check them out. Think about bringing along a few friends who love art, too, just in case those single tattooed guys happen to be hanging out together. 

After you have found the lucky lad you'd like to date, make sure they know you are interested by striking up a conversation and asking them to hang out. Make sure you are kind, personable, and easy to reach. Talk with them about their interests, and suggest spending time together in the near future. You never know, that single tattooed guy could become a married tattooed man before you know it.