What Do You Want Your Final Resting Place To Be Like?

Unfortunately, it is the loved ones left behind who suffer the most after the death of a beloved person. This can make it very difficult to make arrangements for your final resting place. On top of all the emotional pain, your loved ones will be going through, there may be financial burdens placed upon them due to your death. To make things easier for everyone, it is a good idea for you to arrange your own funeral services. You decide how your want your body handled after your heart and brain have ceased functioning. Here are a few of the options for your final resting place.


If you are looking for the least expensive way for your physical body to be handled after your death, donate it to science. Not only will this eliminate the costs of any type of burial, cremation, or entombment, it will also help others. You may have organs given to someone in need, or have them used for further medical studies. Your family can still have some type of memorial service, but it can be done at home, with close friends and family only. This will not cost them much at all.


Cremation can be a very inexpensive option. Make sure you find a container for your remains you can leave for your family members. This could be something as simple as a jar you have always had on a shelf. If you leave it up to your family, they may end up paying a high price for an urn because they want to honor you with the best. While this is nice, if money is an issue, it is really not necessary. You can also tell them to take your remains home in a simple cardboard box so the ashes can be scattered somewhere special.


If you are not sure you want your body to go to science, and the idea of being cremated is not appealing, consider entombment. This final resting place will be less expensive than a ground burial. You may even elect to be entombed in nothing more than a shroud, eliminating the need for any type of casket. This will provide your friends and loved ones with a place to visit and talk with you if that is the type they are. Talk with the cemetery about above ground entombment to save money.

Ground Burial

Ground burial is the method most people think of when you talk about a burial. However, it is also the most expensive, unless you go with a home burial. Most cemeteries will require you have a casket and either a grave vault or liner to keep the ground from settling and leaving an indentation. You will also need some type of grave marker. Of course, there are different price ranges for everything needed, but it will still cost you more than the other final resting options.

While it may seem petty to worry about money once you have passed away, you also do not want to put the burden on your family. You can plan things yourself if this is your concern.