Things To Consider Packing With Your Baby’s Things Before The Adoption

If you've made the decision that it's not the right time for you to raise a child, you may have decided to put your baby up for adoption. Whether you've chosen an open or closed adoption, it's important that you're prepared for the process. Many birth mothers find those final moments to be emotional and difficult, so it's in your best interest to prepare in advance. For example, you may want to send some things with the baby for future purposes. Here are a few things that you should consider sending along to the adoptive parents for your baby.

Personal Note

Whether you take the time to write a full letter explaining your decision for when your child is old enough to understand or you just want to include something in your handwriting to convey your love, a personal note is a great place to start. You should talk with the adoptive parents before you include something like this, though, just to make sure that they understand its purpose. This is particularly important if it's a closed adoption. Make sure that the representative from the adoption agency understands your wishes so that they can be conveyed to the adoptive parents for your child to receive the letter or card when they reach a certain age.

Information About Family Medical History

Any hereditary conditions, allergies, or other important elements in your family medical history, or that of the child's father, should also be included. This type of information is often overlooked and can be problematic for the adoptive parents in a closed adoption especially. You'll want the adoptive parents to understand what types of things to watch for, and they'll need to be able to fill out medical histories accurately as the child grows up.

Stuffed Animal or Handmade Quilt

Comfort items are one of those things that become favorites for babies. That's why many birth parents choose to send a small stuffed animal or a handmade quilt with the baby at the time of adoption. Sending something like this that you've either picked out or made for the baby is a way of making sure that the child has something of you with them. Since the transition can be difficult for birth parents, this is sometimes a source of comfort.

These are a few things to consider when you're preparing the bag and other items for your baby's adoption. Don't be afraid to incorporate personal touches if it's important to you. Talk with the adoption agency about any specific considerations you need to be aware of.